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Here's a few updates about recent work. I'll try to keep up with things as and when.... :-)


Autumn at it's best....

November 22, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

It was freezing the day before when I met Abbie & TJ for in the church just before their final rehearsal. I also feared that it might turn out to be wet. My fears were unfounded....

Wedding Photography3088_027 You can't see the cold of the day, but the light streaming through the windows shows you just what a treat I had photographing this lovely bride getting ready at the Carlton Mitre at Hampton Court. Abbie seemed quite composed as her sisters, nieces, Mum and Dad busied themselves.

Finally Abbie was ready for the dress and Wow she looked stunning...

3088_047 3088_049 A lovely local wedding this for me as The Mitre is a venue I am recommended at at is only a mile or so from where I live. I then skipped off to see TJ and his groomsmen at St. Paul's just around the corner in East Molesey.

3088_055 As you can see TJ and crew looked great too - I detected a few nerves and wnating to get on with things though...3088_063 When the time came for Abbie to arrive she did so in style and before a few of the guests (terrible traffic that day) - so we sent her around the block so the church had time to fill up. Not sure what this did for TJ's nerves... 3088_066 3088_080 3088_082 3088_085

3088_098 3088_107 3088_123 3088_131 3088_162 3088_164 As the reception was to take place at Pembroke Lodge, their driver stopped the car briefly in Richmond Park. I knew we had to be quick to get some photographs done before the parks Police came along. Sure enough it was about 2 minutes before they arrived and moved us on.
We were lucky that he wasn't too much of an offical and I managed to get a nice shot of the newlyweds in the Park with deer in the background.3088_182 Tables were (rather optimistically) set up for drinks outside at Pembroke Lodge. It was really cold but there was beautiful light so I really encouraged everyone to brave the elements for some groups before they went in.

3088_234 3088_235 Abbie wore such a beautiful dress that wherever possible we left her fluffy warm shawl off but I was so pleased she thought of it and used it for some shots...3088_211 3088_246

Inside, The Lord John Russell Suite looked beautiful and benefitted from being upstairs and receiving superb Autumn light.3088_270 3088_273

Thankfully the speeches too sparkled and by that time the light had faded but I used my wireless flashes to get good quality shots during the fun...3088_325 3088_337 3088_363 I left the happy couple dance the night away on what was a memorable day.....

Come and say "Hi" this Sunday

September 20, 2012

I'll be exhibiting at the Richmond Hill Wedding Show this Sunday 23rd September, so please do come along to a well organised event at a lovely hotel that I am recommended at.

I look forward to speaking to you about your wedding and showing you plenty of examples of my wedding photographs. If you want to see more from this hotel click here:

See you soon.


Richmond Hill Wedding Photography

A top spot for a top couple!

September 06, 2012

Just uploaded my latest wedding photographs from the heights of Richmond Hill Hotel. Immediately got this lovely comment from Bride Tracey:

Hi John,
You are a genius! The photographs are amazing and really capture the atmosphere of the day!! 
Both Paul and I are very, very happy!
Best regards and warmest thanks, Tracey
It's comments like this that make my job and all the hours and dedication to my photography worthwhile.
It was a great day and I knew the atmosphere would be happy and enjoyable from my pre-wedding visit. Paul looked the most tense in the preparations - but the full Scottish kit didn't help him to keep his cool despite looking the part!


Meanwhile Tracey and her lovely bridesmaids had the best of the rooms to prepare themselves. And didn't they look good...

3075_016 3075_018

During the ceremony I was again privileged to watch a very moving ceremony from a couple who obviously loved each other deeply. Tears of emotion were shed and yours truly had to wipe his eyes too!

3075_073 As always I was looking forward to the walk along the promenade at the top of Richmond Hill. The views for the guests are stunning and it always affords good photographic opportunities. With the beautiful tree lined walk - reminiscent of a French Avenue the newlyweds were pictured holding hands and enjoying the limelight.3075_110 3075_114

Well done guys and your smiles say it all!

Polly & Duncan

June 06, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Just a quick heads up for you.

I had the pleasure of photographing at an old favourite venue of mine on Friday - Horsley Park or as it used to be known - Horsley Towers.

Polly & Duncan's wedding ceremony and reception all happened here. As always it proved a great venue for guests and photographer alike.

Here's one of my favourites so far... taken in the stunning and quite unique chapel using off camera flash to bring out the couple yet still retail detail in the amazing tile work....

Horsley Park Chapel3051_184 Keep an eye open for more news...

Sally & Neil's Wedding Ravens Ait

May 28, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

It's been a few years since I was last a photographer at Raven's Ait, so it was good to see the unique venue again. It re-opened after a lengthy period of occupation by squatters which gathered quite a lot of media attention. Needless to say the new owners had done a very good re-fit of the property and it's maybe gained some not adverse publicity to boot!

Sally & Neil's wedding ceremony took place at St Nicholas Church, Thames Ditton on a glorious spring day. 3043_006 3043_030 3043_040 3043_071 3043_093 3043_113 Then they had a short walk down to the riverside by the Ye Olde Swan Pub to catch boats to Raven's Ait.

This proved great opportunities for interesting pictures of the couple and the river Thames which means a great deal to them. Their guests were treated to the trip down river too and so a unique way to approach a wedding venue...3043_119 3043_127 3043_141 After the group photos the happy couple mingled with the guests before embarking on a short (very shot) cruise up and down the island.3043_203 3043_207 3043_210 All in all a great day, full of difference and fun. And I didn't even get a foot wet.. or a camera, thank God.

Many congratulations Guys.

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